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"Holiday," poetry by David Fleming, originally published in 1:1.
"King," fiction by Ben Stephenson, originally published in 1:2.
"Gloria," non-fiction by Hilary Maloney-Nevin, originally published in 1:3.

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David Fleming



The smoke

sounds each

you open
the oven

to check
the lamb.

I am taking
the kids one

at a

out on
their bikes—

they have
no balance.

You make
Easter dinner

Your kelly
green dress,

brown boots,

oven mitts.

You remove
the lamb and

I watch you—

and wish

there was
time to

carry you

to slide

my hands
beneath layers

of green
solid, sheer—

your ribs

your hair—

I am under
the smoke detector,

waving a towel

6 forks & knives
laid on the table,

Too many

end with
boots put



Ben Stephenson



Hilary Maloney-Nevin


Someone who taught me was my grandmother Gloria. She has had many traumatic experiences and I’ve witnessed the healing process and the ways she never healed. My grandmother was taken from her home, her parents and her siblings to a school off reserve to be transformed from Mi’kmaq to Christian.  

The Shubenacadie Residential School was run solely by priests and nuns sixty-five years ago, when she was only five. They lured many young children from my community onto a bus, saying they were going on a field trip. Not only from my reserve, but also from reserves across Nova Scotia, children were taken to the “Rezzy School”. When they arrived their hair was cut and when they spoke our language they were beaten and punished. They were punished for caring for one another or sticking up and talking back. Many children were sexually abused, lost their language, and their dignity and their childhood. These they never recovered even after they were released from the residential school. 

When I was growing up I remember my grandmother yelling and chasing us out of her house. She lost her ways of how to love and care, even though she was blessed with seven kids. She became an alcoholic and suffered from not loving herself.

When I was sixteen, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and my heart was with her every day. When I graduated, I moved in with her and spent two years caring for her. She would attack me, yell and kick me out or try and run away, not remembering who I was. I would never listen. I would hold her tight, tell her how much I loved her, and tell her: it’s okay, you don’t need to worry, I’m not going anywhere, I love you.

She would look at me with her turquoise-blue eyes and say, “I love you too,” calm as could be, like she didn’t just freak out. Soon she became so attached to me she wouldn’t go to bed unless I was lying by her. She would place her head upon my chest when she was feeling lost, you can notice her eyes were in a daze. I would tell her, “Gram, you know I’m here to remember for you, when you forget.”  She only felt safe when I was there. 

Someone told me my gram had been blessed with peace finally and to look at Alzheimer’s as a good thing, since she no longer remembers the horrible things from that school and can live in peace. For two years I would tell her I loved her, as I would come and go and she started to love again. I saw it in her eyes. Now she tells me she loves me and gives me a kiss as I walk in and I embrace her every single time. She taught me how to let go and move forward even though she can’t remember. It is a blessing to be released from all the agony she had to face as a child. I am blessed with such a beautiful gram I can care for and love. She is a beautiful woman and I love and miss her so much today.

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Ryan Allen (May 2014, 1:0)
Anne Baldo (November 2014, 1:2, Fall 2015, 2:2)
Shashi Bhat (August 2014, 1:1)
Nicolas Billon (November 2014, 1:2)
Jonny Boldoc (Spring/Summer, 2:1)
Charlotte Bondy (May 2014, 1:0, Spring/Summer 2:1)
Madeleine Braun (Spring/Summer, 2:1)
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Katie Connell (May 2014, 1:0)
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Salvatore Difalco (Spring/Summer, 2:1)
Michael Donoghue (August 2014, 1:1)
David Fleming (August 2014, 1:1, Spring/Summer, 2:1)
Sara Flemington (Spring/Summer, 2:1)
Tim Fogarty (Spring/Summer, 2:1)
Jaime Forsythe (May 2014, 1:0)
Dawna Gallagher Moore (November 2014, Issue 1:2)
Kati Gartner (Fall 2015, 2:2)
Margaryta Golovchenko (August 2014, 1:1)
Jason Graff (Fall 2015, 2:2)
Jeska Grue (Fall 2015, 2:2)
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Matthew Heiti (August 2014, 1:1) 
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Esmé Hogeveen (Spring/Summer, 2:1)
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Desiree Jung (November 2014, 1:2)
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Winona Linn (November 2014, 1:2)
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Hilary Maloney-Nevin (February 2015, 1:3)
Mark Jordan Manner (November 2014, 1:2)
Brett Marie (February 2015, 1:3)
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Marie Solis (November 2014, 1:2)
James Southcott (August 2014, 1:1, Fall 2015, 2:2)
J. J. Steinfeld (August 2014, 1:1, Fall 2015, 2:2)
Ben Stephenson (November 2014, 1:2, Spring/Summer, 2:1)
Andrew F. Sullivan (Fall 2015, 2:2)
Michaela Stephen (February 2015, 1:3)
Maya Stewart Pathak (May 2014, 1:0)
Susanne Stich (August 2014, 1:1)
Mark Swan (February 2015, 1:3)
Robert Swereda (August 2014, 1:1, Spring/Summer 2:1)
Pat Tompkins (Fall 2015, 2:2)
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P. C. Vandall (February 2015, 1:3, Spring/Summer 2:1)
Danika Vandersteen (Fall 2015, 2:2)
Chris Wannamaker (Fall 2015, 2:2)
Sheryda Warrener (May 2014, 1:0)
Anne White (November 2014, 1:2)
Scott Wordsman (Fall 2015, 2:2)