Review: Adieu a la Langage 3D


Atlantic Film Festival 2014 | SEPTEMBER 13

Jean-Luc Goddard's newest installment is a physical experiment. Entirely new and outside of what film is currently. In 3D, it tests the audience's physical stamina and very violently displays this break down, this farewell to language.

Goddard's experimentation is reminiscent of what the German expressionists did way back. Goddard approaches the medium of 3D and seriously asks what is possible. Like the first experimenters, Goddard uses double exposure liberally, and, in 3D, this adds a whole new dimension to the possibilities of what is to be seen.

The film audience's gaze has been tamed to accept the regimented explosions and plot-lines. Here Goddard challenges those without making it his primary concern. Goddard is interested in the disintegration of communication between screen and audience (through low-res images, awful sound...), and on screen, between characters.

Goddard, in Adieu a la Langage, does what all professors with tenure should: try something crazy.

That being said, I had a wicked headache after and spent most of it trying to not watch it. Difficult to watch, and harder still to like.

The Impressment GangComment