Theatre Review: Magnetic North: Who Killed Spalding Gray?

Image: Guntar Kravis

Image: Guntar Kravis


Daniel MacIvor | Cape Breton, NS | Magnetic North 2014, Halifax
June 24-28 | Neptune Studio Theatre

Who Killed Spalding Gray? is a one man show that invites common review. To preface his performance, Daniel MacIvor interviews an audience member (who he admittedly selected by shirt). He asks: Who is Spalding Gray? Who am I? What do you think about suicide? Who are you?

The play falls into four chapters: the ocean, the sky, swimming, and death. MacIvor scans the space that surrounds us, and he is an expert story teller. Incredibly hospitable to his audience, MacIvor is funny. He's not that offensive funny, that-somewhat-overdrawn-gimme-a-break-you-gotta-be-extremely-self-aware-to-pull-this-shit-off-kind-of-funny, that's routine to postmodernism. He's sincere and not afraid to contest happenstance. Who Killed Spalding Gray? is an energizing performance that answers the question: "Why do we care?" Because we make connections with people.