Good Find/ Columbia Poetry Review

I like to buy a book by its cover. It isn't a rule at all really. But on the weekend, I was at Atlantic News and bought Columbia Poetry Review no. 27. They have this great colour scheme and minimalist aesthetic. The Department of Creative Writing at Columbia College in Chicago publishes this review every spring. What I really liked was how when I flipped through the pages, I saw different shapes. Chunks, couplets, vertical lines, columns, space between words, etc. Each poem is allotted its own space. Not even half way through the new writings of some seventy-four poets, I feel cleverer having read the insights of Heather Knox and Lisa Olstein, have been delighted by the absurdity in Brad Johnson's “Robert Kraft, Owner of the New England Patriots, Accuses Vladimir Putin of Stealing His Super Bowl Ring.” I'm excited for this collection.

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- Cassie