Atlantic Film Fest: Women Who Kill

Ingrid Jungermann’s film, Women Who Kill, is a mixed bag. Written, directed, and starred by Jungermann, the film is somewhat disorganized and campy.

The main storyline is compelling. Morgan (Jungermann) and Jean (Ann Carr), previously in a relationship, still live together and co-host a true crime podcast about female serial killers. Morgan enters a new relationship with a fear of commitment. As the relationship grows, so do Morgan’s suspicions that her new girlfriend (Sheila Vand) may be a serial killer.

Lacking in the sound department and heavy on dialogue, the movie takes a bit of getting used to, but the main characters are interesting enough to pull through. The supporting characters, on the other hand, are tiresome in their irony, and their corny side stories depreciate the main plot. (These are just my opinions. Some people laughed at the jokes, most noticeably, a middle-aged man near the front.)

The initial projection of Morgan’s serial-killer obsession onto her girlfriend is funny and clever. But in the end, it’s taken too far and the details get overblown. Despite the film’s clutter, Jungermann and Carr give amiable performances, and I keep thinking back how I’d like to be their friends.

Reviewed by: Cassie Guinan