Atlantic Film Festival: She's Beautiful When She's Angry

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 4:00PM - Park Lane, Theatre 5

Director: Mary Dore
Producers: Mary Dore, Nancy Kennedy
Country: USA
Runtime: 92 minutes


I wanted to leave this documentary with a full tank of angry. She's Beautiful When She's Angry documents an important and energizing time in women's history, but it lacks the sharp direction necessary to outrage me! It's important to recognize the radical activists who gave birth to the modern women's rights movement in the Western world; and it is important to realize the parallels between then and now. Dore presents past and present material in a pretty plain way. When you anticipate an audience of feminists and activists, provoke us! Show us more of the opposition, that was the footage that got me fired up; but it didn't keep me burning till the end.

Review by Cassie Guinan