Atlantic Film Festival: Kooperman

Saturday, Sept. 19 9:45 pm - Park Lane, Theatre 7

Director: Harmony Wagner
Writers: Harmony Wagner, Jason Rogerson
Producer: Jason Rogerson
Cast: Dylan Miller, Andrew Murray, Sharlene MacLean, Tamara Steele, Matt Harper, Carl Peterson, Adi Vella, Jeremy Larter
Country: Canada
Runtime: 76 minutes


This film began with a feeling of self-awareness. Griffin Kooperman, a chubby nerdy white kid, is bullied and receives mentorship from the school librarian. The librarian is empathetic toward Kooperman because she struggled throughout grade school as the only black kid in her year. This character becomes Kooperman’s imaginary sidekick which continues into adulthood. Unfortunately, the obscenities in this film outweigh its comedy, and the best of its characters don’t fulfill their potential. Kooperman dishes out the homophobic jokes you would expect in a film described as a "bro-mance”. And in the end, it takes an even more disturbing turn - spoiler alert - making light of the killing of Tim McLean (a Canadian man who was decapitated and cannibalized on a Greyhound bus in 2008); that’s how Kooperman saves his comic bookstore.

Review by Cassie Guinan